fair user policy
Thank you for being one of over 1 million eatigo-ers who love to eat out and save at the same time! Our restaurants really appreciate your patronage. In order to be able to continue to bring you our great offers we ask you in turn to comply with our Fair User Policy (FUP).
Our restaurant partners bring you great offers on a limited number of seats, at specific time slots throughout the day. That’s what eatigo is all about. The Fair User Policy is here to prevent a few people from “playing the system” and endangering the experience for all users. It is designed so that the fair user should never even notice the FUP exists.
What is FUP?
1. Be on Time
Eatigo discounts apply on clearly stated time slots as the merchants try to fill their tables when they need it. If you are late you may lose your table altogether, if you are early you may be asked to wait. Exactly as if you had called to make a reservation. This is true regardless of table availability.
2. Orders
There is no need to rush your meal. All orders placed within the restaurant’s normal “turnover time” (the time guests typically stay) plus an additional 30 minutes are covered by eatigo discounts. There are limits however. If one member of your dining party arrives extremely late or your party stays extremely long then later orders may not be covered.
3. Party Size
Eatigo discounts apply to the number of people stated in your reservation, not more. If your party size changes please edit your reservation. It is fast and easy to do online. If you arrive with more people than stated in your reservation you may lose both your table and discount altogether. This is fair, for example when you buy two discounted airline tickets you don’t turn up to the flight with 4 people either expecting a) that there will be space and b) additional tickets to be available for purchase at the same discounted price.
4. Combining Reservation Slots
If you and a friend make separate reservations at a restaurant at the same time & same discount, the ability to combine tables is at the discretion of the restaurant and depends on seating plan and capacity. If two reservations have different time slots and/or discounts tables are by default not combinable.
5. Discounts Don’t Stack
Eatigo discounts cannot under any circumstance be combined with other discounts at the restaurant such as (but not limited to) other promotions from the restaurant, credit card promotions, senior citizen, kids’ meals, discounts, per-discounted set meals etc. - But you already knew that.
If you encounter any issues at the restaurant please contact us via live chat rather than pursuing the issue with them directly.
Thanks for making a better eatigo!